The Porch Portraits Project

Until recently life has been a never-ending blur of busyness for most of us with no time to slow down, no time to think and certainly no time to relax and just spend time with loved ones. As horrific as COVID-19 is we can thank it for at least one thing: for reminding us of the precious gift known as time. Sheltering in place, as difficult as it is in so many ways, has forced us to recalibrate our mindset to realize that we have the opportunity to slow the pace of life down and spend more time together, just being together, and not feel guilty about it. From a lifetime perspective this period in our history will pass before long and we will all slowly go back to running as hard and fast towards whatever finish line we have set for ourselves. So while we are all home let’s pause to remember this moment forever as it will not last long. At the same time you will have the opportunity to help caregivers who, because of their dedication to serve, now need help themselves.


Through the process of creating images we will be working to raise funds to be donated to the Hoag Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Support Fund which will assist Hoag in caring for our community members affected by the virus as well as the caregivers and staff working tirelessly to treat them. As a professional photographer for over 30 years and the owner of Turville Photography, Steve Lopushinsky is an award-winning Master Photographer who will tell you that his passion comes not solely from his art, but from those who he creates art for. Now by donating his time to make portraits of families in front of their homes from a socially safe distance he will be creating images that will capture this unprecedented time in history.

The Details:
  1. Schedule your portrait session by calling 714-381-7112. We also ask that you spread the word for us, the more families we photograph the more good we can do! We would like to photograph as many families as possible while in your neighborhood. your neighbors will be able to request on the spot that their families be photographed and we will do so if time allows.
  2. There will be no charge for this mini portrait session and each family will receive a digital image as a gift. Each mini session will be a “team effort”, and each family will then be able to view their selection of images via video conferencing to select their free favorite pose. Additional images will be available for purchase but there will be no pressure or obligation to do so.
  3. 30% of the proceeds from all sales will be donated to Hoag’s COVID-19 Support Fund. Turville Photography hopes to find individuals or companies who would like to support this effort by matching the dollars raised. Another option would be for those interested to donate a set amount for each family photographed.
To schedule your session or donate:
Call us at: 714-381-7112
 or email: